Our Services

Our Services

A1 Plus Stone Design provides you a complete service for any Counter Top Project. Our customer service, craftsmanship, attention to detail and expertise have made us the leaders in the Custom Design Counter Top industry. We work hand to hand with each and every one of our customer for any residential or commercial project to assure we accomplish the best results and exceed our customer expectations with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We only work with top quality materials, for a high-end custom design result, not matter what the size of your project is.

We provide a full service since you come into our office for a free consultation and digitize estimate, and all the way into doing your Template, Fabrication, Installation and Custom Design Back-Splash. We will make sure your kitchen, bathroom, bar, fireplace or any surface look sophisticated, custom design and unique, just the way you have envisioned it! We promise to deliver more than what you expect.


Counter-Tops templates are typically made by hot-gluing strips of 1⁄8-in.-thick plywood, which is rigid enough to keep its shape yet light to transport and position on the counter stock. A template is an exact pattern of your future countertops, ensuring a precise fit for them. We request that the customer or someone authorized by him/her be present on site during the template process because is the time were details and specifications about corner radius, overhangs, cut-outs, seams and unexpected design challenges and are discussed to make your custom design tops just the way you want them.


Everyone has a different fabrication process. In A1 Plus Stone Design, we take pride of what we do since you first come through the door until we deliver the job right. This is why before fabrication starts, we place your template layout on the slab so you can see how the finished product would look like, and how the movements flow in a seam if there is any (which we try our best to avoid). All fabrication is made exactly how it was templated. Once approved, slabs are placed on our laser diamond cut machine and your stone is precisely cut to the specifications that you have approved on template and diamond polished for best results. Then, our experienced team of professional fabricators work by hand all the finishing touches, edges, and cut-outs and polish all tops to make them spotless and no details are being missed. They will be evenly shiny and ready to be installed. Plumbing and wiring are not included in any installation. We are not plumbers or electricians.


Once Fabrication Process is over, your Counter Tops are ready to be installed. With extreme care, we load our truck with all your tops and accessories and head our way to your home. We have all the proper equipment to make this trip safe and secured for your brand new tops. Our experienced team of professionals with extreme care unload your tops one by one and bring them into your home for your final installation to enjoy for many years to come.


Before installation, all plumbing must be disconnected. The installation process is smooth. During installation is when cut-outs for cook-tops, faucet holes, and outlets are made, so there might become a little dusty around, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but don’t worry, we take care of that once installation is completed, our crew will clean up the best way possible to ensure no debris remains on your tops. Tops are placed on top of your cabinets and secured with sealer. We install your sink as well, but again please be advice that we don’t do any plumbing nor place brackets. Once installed, your tops are waxed, polished and sealed for the best finish product.

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